Dean's Welcome
The School of Labor and Human Resources started in 1983 as a joint effort of the former Ministry of Labor of P.R.C. and Renmin University of China. Since its founding over two decades ago, the School has been striving to advance research, educate professionals and help society to approach the pressing issues of human resource management, labor relations and social security in the ongoing labor market. In an active response to the most challenging obligation we shoulder in the twenty-first century, our mission is to develop experts highly capable of solving upcoming problems of labor and social security and human resource management in China. With worldwide cutting edge disciplines as our springboard, the school is determined to enhance the academic vibrancy of our faculty and broaden the horizon of our students with advanced theories and conceptions. Giving full play to the practical teaching materials and methodologies, our faculty have drawn upon their passion for drawing out students' in-depth insights of society, promoting their capacity to address practical problems and fostering excellent graduates to meet the tremendous needs of different sectors, institutions and organizations. It is an ongoing and relentless pursuit, one to which this School had been, is, and will be dedicated.

We warmly welcome your interest in the School and in our life. I hope that your stay here will prove encouraging, enjoyable and educational.
Zeng Xiangquan
Dean of the School of Labor and Human Resources
Renmin University of China

Welcome to the School

Professor Chang Kai delivered academic lectures in Hong Kong. (Mar.15, 2007)

NAIRU in China: Measurement and Analyses by Professor Zeng Xiangquan was published in Social Sciences in China. (Mar.7, 2007)

Professor Zheng Gongcheng attended the symposium of the Specialist Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. (Mar.2, 2007)

The International Seminar on Legislation of the Law of Labor Disputes Settlement was held at RUC. (Jan.24, 2007)

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